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Horizon was limited to a few hundred
yards - and it look'd more like a
field of Snow drifts and drifting,
than an expanse of fluid = The
roar of the waves, and the wind
through the shrouds would Some times
nearly resemble distant thunder.

3rd day 14th — Out storm
has cleared — a slight wind
to day but a heavy Sea -
nothing to remark except the
Storm sick are better — except
the Stewardess who appears as if
she must die from [???] -

4th day 15th.
Latitude 47[degree sign]5' Long 32[degree sign] 21' —
Nothing particular occured to day
- the same listless routine of Cards
and Oaths and nonsense [servent?]
fill up the time.

5th day 16th A fine breeze all
this forenoon. — heavy squalls of
rain after which the Sea would
appear beaten down which I suppose
may be in part occasioned by the
heavy rains as well as contrary winds
quite foamy on the waves which

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