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running around the flock of sheep
steadily was a pair of sheep dogs
a muddly colar - all the time
I saw them the process continued
just one continual round
of pleasure for those two dogs.
As we arrived at our billets
I saw the old man lift his horn
a blow imediately, some six or
eight sheep darted into a house
and so on until he had pretty
well divided the "sheep from the
goats". That was pretty.
It is today the first of
August and also today for
thee is perhaps Aug. 20 or 15
but just the same whether
we are 3,00 miles or more
apart we have each others
love and that counts for
so much.
This morning at 5 AM as I was
coming back from revelli I
saw a plane going over
it was pretty so early in the
morning. They are common
here tho.

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