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Important Lt John N Bentley
Headquarters Co 313th Inf
A.P.O #771. Annex Forses
August 18 - '18
Dearest Mother,
When thee receives this,
the fall will have started just think
of that and it wont be long before
I will have been in the army for one
year. I have no complaint to affer only
I would like to get ahold of the man
who is responsible for the continuense of
this most auful trajety and punch him
right good. Sometimes it allmost gets my
goat but I never have lost the old smile
yet I hope I can keep it.
Last night I went wild boer hunting
and had no luck what ever only
saw some tracks - just as I finished making
the [rounds] in tracks I heard a noise &
on looking around I heheld a letter
my second one in 45 days Ileaped for
it and sure enough it was from thee
telling of thy birthday and of the picture
that you had taken of Karl and also

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