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that thee knew I had gotten over
safely. That reminds me, the Sub.
that was on the lookout for us gave
herself up as She was told not to return
to Germany with out her prise so she
came into a French port and gave up.
Well it was just lovely to hear from
thee it is such a releif to hear that
the wheat is all saved and that means the
farm will carry along very well until
later. There is one thing I am
riight worried about namely the steers -
the sale of them & the purchase of
more for next year - put in an order
for 12 from Mr Jones mother and also
find some one who will sell my fat steers
too. Any time you are really in need of
money why sell a cow but preferable a fresh one.
Remember me to the men and tell
them that I am glad the harvest was
put over in such fine shape.
I expect the corn is low oats
are better to buy than corn as a

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This letter seems to be missing the next page... it ends in mid sentence. Should it be labeled as a "partial" letter?

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Indeed, thank you!