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The Post Admits That Washington Neesd Reformation.
Democratic Finance Committee Composed Largely Of Millionaires Affiliated With The Trusts.
[From the Washington Post, Dem.]
Having plucked all the beams from the eye of its home city, our esteemed contemporary, the Baltimore SUN, must needs avoid the sin of idleness by tugging at the motes in the eye of a neighboring city. THE SUN uncorks the vials of its indignation against Washington in an editorial calling the attention of its readers to "lawlessness in the nation's capital," to th efact that "women are not safe on its broad avenues," and that "in no city in America are women so poorly protected from assault and battery as they are in the nation's capital."
Truly, when the fame of our iniquities can cause the mentor of Baltimore's morals to erect bristles of indignation and emit yelps of horror, we must have arrived at a shocking conidition, indeed. But we would not have THE SUN grow unduly alarmed. There is yet hope for Washington. So long as the pure reflection of Baltimore's moral beauty lights up the horizon of our darkened vision we have before us a glorious example of civic righteousness. Weakly, perhaps, we may follow it, and with faltering footsteps, but by keeping our eyes fixed on the pure white star of Baltimore we may ultimately reach that goal of perfection to which our fair sister city has attained. It is but for you to give us a heping hand, spotless sister, and assist us to a seat in the high place beside you.
Regretfully we fail to deny, however, all of our Baltimore contemporary's charges against Washington. We do suffer from more lawless acts in our streets than we ought. The arm of our law is weakened by an "inadequate police force and sometimes by absurdly inadequate punishment when criminals are araigned in the courts." We fain would agree with THE SUN that the District Commissioners might be able to "prevent Washington from becoming the happy hunting ground of thugs and thieves if they acted with the representatives of the District government?"

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