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Mme. De Thebes' Horoscope Caster
Plays to Pessimists.

[Special Cable to The American.]

Paris, January 1. --- A gloomy outlook
for the United States in 1911 and the
next few suceeding years was today
given the United Press by Mme. De
Thebes, champion horoscope-caster of
Europe. The madame received the United
Press correspondent in her residence in
the Avenue Wagram. The only ray of
hope she held out for Americans -- white
Americans -- was that Jack Johnson was
going to get a wallop about the size of
a mule's kick from a mysterious Westerner
that would lay him upon the pugilistie

Theodore Roosevelt and Jack Johnson
are both on the eve of crushing defeats."
she said. "Big capitalists are going to
get Roosevelt and he has no chance for
election to the Presidency in 1912 as a
consequence. Jack Johnson, like Roosevelt,
is too confident, but a big white
man is now being prepared in the West
who will whip him."

In the future -- how far she wouldn't
say -- the madame professed to see the
United States put down and out by South

"The reason for this." she said, "is
that the South Americans are Latins.
North Americans are brick masons who
build houses. South Americans are the
clever people who decorate the houses.
Money-mad, the United States will go to
ruin in pursuit of the dollar."

Floods, too, are in the crystal for
the United States. There are to be
seven years of them, mixed in with bloody
labor troubles and a frightful panic, more
disastrous than that of 1909."

Mme. De Thebes meant the panic of
1907, but she who reads the future
without a wobble or a quiver had clean
forgotten the past.




Two cups of meat, 1 tablespoon of butter,
2 cups of potatoes, 2 cups of stock,
seasoning to taste. Melt the butter in
the frying pan, add the stock and when
heated the meat and potatoes well mixed.
Season to taste and stir occasionally until
well heated. Turn in to a greased
baking dish and bake 30 minutes in a
moderately hot over.

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