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I cite these as practical rather than theoretical
arguments Common sense tells us that extremes
are to be avoided - but in order to avoid
them we should not live in a [depressed?]
temperature unsuited to the full development
of our vital actions. The risk of an
occasional injury would not justify a
provident commander in keeping up a
chronic state of discomfort to abate it -

My own experience reduced to a modest
dogmatic aphorism - would be
Keep up a drying temperature which will
cooperate with instead of taxing the
heat making powers of [your] the majority
of your party. Such a temperature indoors
at Rennselaer Harbour - should never
exceed +65° nor fall below the free=
=zing point -

[margin] [11?]] P.M.
Our new stove wont work!

[margin] Sunday Nov. 5.

“I had one labour to make me a
canoe which at last I finished”
Robinson Crusoe -P.

Oh poor Robinson Crusoe - I quote from
memory, but from my very heart I wish
that thou wast here - with [axe?], goat,
Parrot, and plantains to help us out
of our troubles. Our stove wont work.

Today is the Sunday quiet - I retired
to my thinking corner - over the beer barrels -
and reminisced over my difficulties -

“Brig, you will have to be cut up
you will never see unfrozen water again
unless I burn just one half as much
of you as I am now burning -

“Brig! I’ve burnt all your upper

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