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To Make Red Ginger Bread ye Best Way
Take 8 white Loves lett ym be old so as they will
grate and dry ye crusts and beat ym small and sett
all ye bread before ye fire to dry yn take 1 quart of Red
Ruose water and A clove A Quart of good canary Sack Putt
ye Licquor into A Clean Pan or Iron Pott and desolve therein
4 lb of good loafe sugar, yn putt into itt 2 ʒ of Trew
Red Sanders and 2 ʒ of yr best cinamond and 2 ʒ of yr best
ginger and 2 ʒ of yr Best Annisseed's and 2 ʒ of fine Powder
of licquorase and 1 ʒ and a halfe of ye best Nutmeggs, lett
all these be Powdered and searsed through A Haire Sive
yn putt all these into ye afforementioned licquor's and lett ym
have one little boyle over ye fire and when you Perceave
it boyls Putt in the grated bread by little and little -
Keeping fast stiring untill it be all in yn take it off
ye fire and have a pound of ye best Jordan Almonds
Blancht and Brused in a gross Paist and mix ym a-
mongst ye Ginger Bread; you may if you Please putt in 2
graines of Musk infused in a Gill of Cinamond Water
and Strinkle uppon it Stiring all well togeather yn
take it out and work ye Paist well Before you begin to
forme it for your Prints yn dust your Prints with
Cinamond powder and so Print it as you Please

To Make Fruit Biskitts
Take ye Pulp of Any Fruit and Strane it and to 1 ʒ of
Pulp take 6 ʒ of Dubble Refined Sugar searsed and Putt your
Sugar in one Dish and your Pulp in A nother and make ye sugar
And Pulp Scalding Hott yn putt ym both together in an
Earthen Bason and to Every 4 ʒ of Pulp putt 2
spoon fulls of ye Froth of White of Eggs and yn beat ym.
all to gether an Houre or more and make coffins
of Paper of what Fashon you please and fill ym and
set ym eather in a coule oven or warme stove.

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Strinkle is a now rare word meaning to sprinkle or strew