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To Make White Cakes
Take 8 Whits of Eggs and one Pound of Dubble Refind
Sugar searsed beat ye eggs to a Froth and as it
riseth Putt in some of ye Fine Sugar, and Keep beating
it till all ye Froth be Risen yn Putt to All your Sugar ye
the longer it's beaten ye Whiter it will be and when
it is Stiff and will Slip on a Plate, then lay it in Plats
Put to it in the beating 6 Graines of Musk and as much
of Ambergrease grinded very Small, you may last of all
Putt in a Few carraway Seeds and bake these after
Biskett's for ye oven must not be so Hott as Culler them
and lett them Stand a good while in ye oven they will
Slip off ye Plats
As for ye fruit Bisketts when they are dry enough take
the Papers from them

To Make a Great Cake of ye Lady Bethell
Take 18 yolk's of Eggs beat ym and take 9 lb of fine Flowr
and 8 lb of Currans 2 lb of Raysons stone ym and mince ym.
2 Quarts of good Cream 3 lb of Sweet Butter 1/2 a Pint
of Sack 1/2 pint of damask Roase water 4 nuttmeg's grated 1 lb
of Sugar and a little Salt 3 pints of good Ale yest melt
the butter in ye Creame Put all these things together in
A Stone Pott nott ye fruit till it hath wrought by
the fire, cover it warme then Putt in yr Fruit keeping
it Stiring downe, then when ye oven is Ready Putt it in
a Sive covering ye sive with Paper and Butter then
Sett it in ye oven and lett it stand 2 Houres then
Slip it out of ye sive and Ice itt, sett it in againe
A little while untill the Ice be well Hardened
if you please you may Putt in 2 graines of Musk-

To Make a Good Cake
Take 2 lb of Currans 5 Eggs Beat 3 Whits a quarter of A Pound
of Butter A Quarter of a Gill of thick cream nutmeggs mace
and cinamond A Small quantety 3 spoonfulls of Sack 1 lb [1/2?]
of Flower A little Sugar with half A Gill of good Ale
yest all these made into A Paist and Baked

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Maybe quite an early example of an iced cake?


Really interesting that the cake is baked in a sieve, the base of which has been covered in greased paper.