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To Make the Light Balls
Take 2 ounces of Jordan almonds, blanched and finely
beaten, putting to them in the beating a quarter of a pint
of damask rose water and 4 grains of musk. Grind
these well together till it be as white as milk; then
strain the rose the rose water hard from the almonds, and in it
lay some gum tragacanth to steep, and when it is
steeped enough strain it again and then take a
pound of double refined sugar finely sieved and the
white of a new laid egg and 2 or 3 grains of
ambergris and beat them together in the mortar with the
white water until it comes to a perfect paste, then make
it up in balls or what form you please and lay them
upon papers and be careful of them in the baking as to
the temper of the oven, if you observe tto making and the
baking them right they will be white as snow and as
light as puffs.

The Lady Northumberland's Marzipan the Best Way
Take a pound of almonds, put them into warm water
and as you blanch them put them into cold water then take
them out and dry them with a cloth and beat them in
a stone mortar. In the beating put in a spoonfull or
2 of Damask rose water to keep them from turnin to
oil, then have 3 quarters of a pound of double refined
sugar ready beaten and sieved, when the almonds
are beaten enough, put the sugar into the mortar
and mix them together then take them out of the mortar and put
them in a silver dish. And set it upon a chafing dish of charcoal
and let them dry then make them up into round cakes
as thick as your finger and as big as you pelase and put
them on white papers, then put them under our pan for the
purpose to bake and put fire over them, but not too hot. When
one side is dry, turn the other then take them out and let them
be cold, then ice them with rose water and sugar, and let them be
put under the pan to dry. Let not the fire be very hot.

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