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To Make Boiled Cakes
Take half a peck of flour very finely sieved and put
into an oven at night after manchets have been drawn
then take a pound and a quarter of butter, half a pound
of sugar, 6 lb of currants dried very well in an oven, 2
nutmegs, and one ounce of cinnamon, a little sack, and
a little rose water, a pint of good ale yeast, as much
cream scalding hot as will wet it. Mingle it softly and
wrap it in a warm woollen cloth a quarter of an hour
to rise, then make them into little cakes and as you make them
have a skillet of boiling water to put them into ready,
one at a time and as soon as it swims take it out
with a skimmer and put them into buttered plates.
Scrape sugar on them and let them stand half an hour
in the oven, looking sometimes for fear they color too

To Make Queen Cakes
Take half a pound of flour, half a pound of butter,
half a pound of loaf sugar, half a pound of currants
or carraway seeds or comfits, a nutmeg and a half grated.
Mix these together, and when that is done beat all but the
currants or comfits in a marble mortar. Butter the pans
and put in your currants or comfits just when they go
into the oven. It must not be too hot.

To Make a Seed Cake
Take 4 lb of flour, 1 lb of carraway comfits, and as
much of biscuit comfits, 1 lb of butter and a pint
of warm sweet cream to which put as much yeast
without scalding it with the cream. Then mingle it all
together except the comfits. Put in none of them until the
cake is well risen, then just before you set them into the
oven break the cream in pieces and mingle the comfits
and all very well together and set it into the oven.

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