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To Make a Plum Cake
Take 6 lb of corrans washed Picked and well dryed
the day before you use them 5 lb of very fine Flowre
if you will may dry it in the oven, Spices as you
like half A Pound bare weight of sugar mingle
all these all well together with your hands lay
all those in ye middle of A Board or Pann
Then take 20 Eggs Putt ye Whits away beat them
very well, Three Gills of old yeast Putt ye eggs and
the yeast being mingled togeather on one Side of
the Pann, take A Quart of very good new thick
Creame let it be just fitt to boyle up, yn Putt A
Pound and A Quarter of Butter into ye Skellett and
Stir it untill the cream hath melted it yn Putt
the cream on the other Side of the Pann, this
must not be too hott, then mingle these alltogether
on both sids with your hands very well it will
be About ye thickness of A Puding, doe it Abroad
with your hand's over ye Pan and Strow A handfull
of floure uppon it and cover it with A Warme
Cloth and lett it Stand An Houre to Rise
then make A coffin of Paper 2 Dubble att the
bottome and duble att ye sids and Putt it in, then
sett it into A quick oven and lett it stand
near uppon 2 houres, then take it out and Ice
it well with very fine Sugar and sett it in
Againe you may Putt musk and Amber Grease in to
it of Each 2 or 3 graines and it will be much

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