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To Make Currant Berry Wine
Take a gallon of currants and a gallon of
water. Boil your water and put to your
currants, being clean picked from the stalks
and bruised, and so let them stand all night.
Then strain them out, and put to every
gallon of water 2 lb of good sugar, then stop
it close up in your vessell and at the weeks
end bottle it. Do not strain your berries
but let them run through a hair sieve.

An Excellent Way to Make Mead
Take 20 quarts of spring water, set it on a
clear[?] fire. Put to it 2 quarts of honey and 2 lb
of fine sugar, a spoonful of coriander seeds, bruised
and tied up in a fine rag; 6 ginger roots; and
a root of horseradish. Let all these boil
till it be scummed clear, then take it off and
let it stand to cool. When it is lukewarm
put it into a rundlet with 40 cloves,
the juice of eight lemons, and the peels of 4 of
them, 4 toasts of a roll spread on both sides
with new yeast, then stop it up close and let
it stand a fortnight. Then draw it off
and bottle it and open them every other
day for three times together, let the bottles
stand open util the other be corked then
strike them down with a mallet. It will
be ready to drink in a month.

Notes and Questions

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when transcribing 17th century writing, for instance y^e = the, should we write out the abbreviation, or leave as [?], or translate it to modern English if we know what the abbreviation means


Hi, please just write it out as ye/ym/yt etc. and you can lower it from superscript.


A runlet or rundlet is a small wooden cask often used for fermenting meads and fruit wines.