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To Make Chockolett
Take A Pint of new milk and as much water
Boyle them well togeather then take ye yolkes
of 2 new layd Eggs with 2 Spoun fulls of Choccolate
Shaven downe and as much Sugar beat it
well with A spoune full of milk then Power on
your milk and water Hott and then Power it
too and Againe untill it be well mixt So drink
it Hott This is good being drunk every
morning And is very Restorative for consump-
tife People

To Make Popey Brandy
Take A Peck of Poppy Flowers well pickt and
Putt into Fower quarts of Brandy, add 2 Pennyworth
of Licquoris Scraped and Sliced: halfe A Pound of Raysons
ith[?] Sunne Stoned, putt all these in An Earthen pott
and lett it stand 4 Dayes to Infuse, and yn putt to
it A Pound of Lofe sugar finely beaten Fower Penny-
worth of Diascourdeum lett it infuse A day so putt it
into Bottles

To Make Aqua Mirabelis
Take Balme Spearmint Anjellecoe and Saledoun
of Every one A Pint of Juce, of mace and Cloves
Searse halfe An ounce of Rosemary Floures of
Mellalot floures, of Cardemum of Gallengall, and
cubies of Each Two Pennyworth, yn to ye 2 qts
of juce Putt 2 quarts of Brandy and 1 qt of White
wine, and Putt all these togeather into your Alimbeck
or Could Still, Run it of very quick, lett it run
upon 1/2 lb of lofe sugar duble Refind or as much as
will sweeten it to your taist

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