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To Preserve Raspberries in Jelly
Take to every pound of raspberries a pound of
sugar finely beaten, pick out the smallest of
them and bruise them with 2 or 3 spoonfulls
of water and strain them to the sugar and berries
then boil them pretty quick on a clear fire of
charcoal for about a quarter of an hour then
take them out into glasses and pour the syrrup on them.
Thus you may preserve cherries or currants,
cherries must boil as fast as they can boil.
And when they are [cooked] enough the syrup will [hurry or scrape?]
between your fingers and thumb. Then do with [them]
as with raspberries.

To Make Currant Jelly
Pick your berries clean from the stalks and
put them in a stone pitcher and boil them in a
pan of water till the juice comes out then
pour it from the berries and take to every
pint of juice a pound of sugar. Boil the juice
and skim it well, and then put in your sugar
and don't let it boil but only simmer. You
must skim it clean then put it in glass pots
for use.

To Make Jelly of Raspberries Another Way
Take more than half your raspberries and rub out their
juice through a strainer, or hair sieve, then
bruise the rest. Take their weight in
sugar and boil them apace, scumming them well,
till they are done [from the bottom of the pan?],
stirring them continuously. White and red raspberries
do the best together, and the juice of currants
will make them jelly.

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