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To Make Jelly of Creame
To A quart of water take 6 ounces of Hartshorne
Putt it into A Stone Jugg fill it not full by a quarter
boyle it in Water and stop ye Jug close, or bake
itt in an oven with bread 3 Houres Straine it
through A Jelly bag then boyle ye whits of three
Eggs in it and Put through Againe have Ready
beaten 6 ounces of Almonds with Rose water
and 6 spoonfulls of Cream putt into ye Almond's
in the Beating, when they are small yn take as
much creame as Jelly and Strayne ym all
together Sett it on the fire till it is Scalding
hott then take it off and Straine it Againe
then Putt it in narrow bottom'd glasses and
stick it with Pippin Kirnells or what else
you like to garnish it or Pomgranett's the
Kernells must have the Ends parted and Lay a
little while in water.

To Make Jelly of Sheep Feet
Take 16 Sheep feett boyld and drest from
the Skinn then Putt 3 Pints of Spring Water to
them and boyle them well Skiming all the
Oyle and Skimm very clean of them So Putt 3 Pints
of new milk to them and 6 spriggs of Rose mary
3 nutmeggs Sliced halfe an ounce of Sinamond
Three Pennyworth of Iseinglass boyle all these
well together and then Strane it into A Gally
Pott so you may slice it out and warme
it as you have occation it is very good
to stay both Whits and Reds

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