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To Make White Leach
Take 2 Handfulls of Almond's Blanch ym in cold
Water and beat ym in A Stone Morter very fine
putt into ym A little cream as you Stamp ym when
they be very fine, putt to ym A Quart of good Cream
and Strane ym togeather and take A good Peese of Ise-
inglas and boyle in your creame putt in A Race of
Ginger Sliced Season it with Rose water and Sugar
yn lett it run through A fine Streaner into Shallo
Dishes when it is cold slice it out

To Make Leach of Divers Culler's
Boyle A quart of cream putt thereto A Pint of Rose
water A Pound of Sugar a Pennyworth of Iseinglass
and when it is consumed take up your Cream and
putt it into Sundry dishes and run one with Safron
one with Sanders Another with Spinnage and as
one is cold poure an other uppone it warme So
slice it out

To make A Kind of Cream with ye Dressing of Snow
Take 3 Pints of cream and the whites of 3 or 4
Eggs and Strane ym togeather and a little Rosewater
and as much sugar as will make it sweet yn take
3 or 4 Small Rods tyed togeather such as you whisk
cloth with putt your Cream into A Boule and whip
it to A great froth and as ye Snow riseth take it
up with A Spoon and Putt it in A cullender yt the
thin may Run from it, and when you have
Suffiteant of ye Snow take ye Rest of ye cream and
Putt in a Skellett to Seeth and putt thereto Some hole
Cloves A Stick of cinamon and A little ginger brused
and Seeth it untill it be thick So Straine and when
it is cold Putt it into your dishes and lay your
Snow uppon itt

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