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To Make a Dish Called Lemon Cream
Take 4 large lemons, slice them very thin and shred
the pieces very small then put them into a pot
and squeeze onto it the juice of 4 lemons. Let them
steep about 3 or 4 hours. Then take the yolks of 6
or 7 eggs and 3 whites and beat them well together.
Add to them the lemon juice with the peel and a
large pot and a half of fair water and as
much rosewater as you think will give it a
little taste. You may also add a little ambergris
if you please. Stir them well together then strain them
through a strainer and season it with fine sugar
according to your taste. Then set it on a chafing dish
of coals, stirring it continuously. It must scald
but not boil and so be kept until it is as thick as
the best cream then serve it cold.

To Make Buttered Oranges
Take the yolks of 12 eggs and half of the whites, beat
them well together and put to them the juice of 8
oranges. Strain it and season it with sugar that is
very finely beaten and a little water and some
ambergris and put into it a little sweet butter
about the size of a walnut. Then set it over a chafing dish
of coals. Keep it well stirred until it grows thick.
It will burn if you are not careful. When
it is thick, put it in your dishes and decorate it
with pieces of green citron, thinly cut, or with what you prefer.
Serve it up cold.

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