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To Make the Buttered Oringes Another
Take ye yolks of Eight Eggs and ye Juce of 12 oringes
or you may if you Please putt as many Eggs as Oringes
but this must be done Acording to your taist and
the goodnes of ye Oringes; then sweeten it to your
taist yn sett it over ye fire stiring it all ye while
untill it groues to such A thickness as you think
convenient Sarve it up cold.
This must be made thicker then Leoman creame
and is therefore called Buttered Oringes

To Make Almond Butter
Take a quarter of A Pound or more of Almonds
And blanch ym in Faire water, yn beat ym take 2 or 3
spoonfulls of Rose water and Putt amongst them
in the beating when they are small have A quart
of good Cream by you, take A Pritty thin cloth
And with a Spoon force it through ye cloth into
ye cream and when you have bett ym so often as
you have all ye substance of them take 6 Eggs
and butt 2 of ye whits beat them very well
and Putt ym into ye creame, yn straine it into
A Skellett so sett it on the fire keep Stiring
untill it boyles when it begins to turne Poure
it into your strainer ty it hard so lett it run
all night, ye next day putt it into A clean
Streaner so strean it into A Bason take lofe
sugar finely searsed and Putt in so much as will
sweeten itt, then beat it togeather for A
quarter of An Houre so Serve it up like
Fresh Butter if you Please

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