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To Make a Shaking Pudding
Take a pint of very good cream, a beaten nutmeg,
then beat 9 eggs, whites and all. Mix them with the cream
and add a little rosewater and sugar and salt, with
2 spoonfuls of flour and strain all these through
a thin strainer. Then wet a cloth in water and double
it and flour it well. Tie it very round and put
it in when the water boils. Let it boil and hour
then dish it up with rosewater and butter and sugar.
Garnish it with blanched almonds.

To Make a Good Plain Pudding
Take a pint of cream, boil it, put in sliced
nutmeg and sliced ginger, of each a little, and some sugar
and salt. Beat six eggs and when it is cold put
them in and strain them all, then take a manchet
grated and sieved through a hair sieve. You
must make it no thicker than water. Tie it fast
and boil it 3 quarters of an hour. If it boil
any longer it will be hard. You must observe
the water boil before you put it in.

To Make the Quantity of 2 Dozen Rice Puddings
Take 2 lb of rice picked very clean, steeped all night
in milk. The next day, strain it through a colander
as dry as may be, then boil it in 6 quarts of new
milk until it be very tender and thick. Then
drain it again. Put in 24 yolks of eggs and 2 or 3 whites
well beaten. Stirring it well together put in sugar and
salt to your taste with 3 nutmegs, sliced, a like quantity
of mace, beaten, and 2 grains of musk. Stir them well
together then take 3 lb of beef suet, shredded but not too
small, with 3 lb of currants. Mix all and fill the guts but
not too full, boil the puddings but prick them not. When they
are half boiled, take them up and when cold put them in again.

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