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To Toure Apricock's
Sett on 3 1/2 lb sugar and take as much water as
will wett itt boyle, it till it will Roule then
Putt in 6 lb of your Ripest Apricocks; and lett ym
boyle with ye sugar A Pritty while then Putt both
the Sugar and Apricocks and lett ym Stand in A Pott
halfe A day; then take 1 1/2 lb of Pared Pipins and A
Pound and a Halfe of Sugar and as much water
and Sett uppon ye Fire togeather and lett ym boyle
A good while, So bruse ye Pipins with a Pestell yn fetch
doune your Apricocks, and Putt ym togeather and
boyle ym continnually Stiring ye Bottom of ye Pann
with a Scummer and when they have boyled A good
while And begins to drop Stiff from ye Ladle; then
Putt ym into A Pan and lett them coule, and yn
lay them out neatly Stones and Stalks being Saved
and Putt to them to make ym Appear Like what
they were att first, dust ym very well with Sugar
when you have layd ym out on glasses to dry lett
not your Stove be too hott

To Dry The Stones
Take 1lb of Sugar and A Little quantety of water
and a good many new Stones and boyle ym till they
begin to come to A height then putt ym in A Gally
Pott and use them as occation Serves

To Dry Peares
Take Some Popperin Peares and Prick ym in ye head.
So Scald ym and After Pare ym giveing ym A cutt in
the head (without they be for Halves) yn Sett over
5 lb of Sugar and 4 lb of water and put 6 lb of Pares
into it yn boyle ym untill the Pares be well Enterd
and doe with ym as you doe with Pippins

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This clever preserved apricot recipe saves the stones and stems for the end, when they are put back in the fruit so that it looks natural.