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To Dry Grapes
Slitt Every one with A Pen knife in ye Side and
Pick out ye Little grapes from ym yn Sett them on the
Fire with faire water and cover them. And when
the water beings to buble take them up and Putt ym
in A very thin Sirrip So warme ym twise A day
untill they be green lett ym but just Scald they
will be A week in greening yn lay them on A
Sive to drane well and make A midling Sirrup
and boyle ym once A day or Three times A Week
keep ym after they are green in Earthen Panns
After they are boyled in ye lost sugar, observe the
Sugar be not too dry, but onely to draw A little, wet,
is the best by putting A little more fresh Sugar into
the Sirrup, but boyle ye Sugar before you Putt it to yr
Sirrup So putt A paper upon ym and Sett ym into yr
Stove for 2 or 3 Dayes with A very moderate heat
then take ym out of ye Syrrup and lay ym uppon
Plats and dry ym Eather in A Stove or oven but
have A care it be not too Hott you may dust ym
if you Please with fine Sugar

To Dry Damsons
Doe just as you did when you preserved them and
and instead of Packing in Potts Pack ym in A
Brass Pan and Boyle ye Sirrup with ye Additin
of A little more Sugar till it will draw yn
Putt it to them and lett them not Stand
in A Stove for A Day then lay them out
uppon Sives to drench and then uppon
Plats and dust ym and Dry ym well

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