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To Dry Green Plum's
Sett over Some water and Scald your Plum's
and as you Scald ym have Some cleane water ready
to putt ym into and lett them Stand in water 12 or 13
Houres yn Putt Some Sugar and water in A Pann
togeather and put ye Plum's into it and lett ym
Stand allmost A day yn Heat ym A very little
and So heat ym twise A day for 3 Dayes togeather or
So long as till they have taken Sugar and yn boyle
them in ye Same water and Sugar if it be not Soured
till they are well Entered when they are cold lay
them out then Pack ym in A Pan and boyle fresh
Sugar untill it will draw; then putt them in your
And when they are Entered Enough lay ym out uppon
Plates and Dust ym well and be carefull in the
Turning of them Et fiat

To Dry Pippins
Take Pippins and Pare ym well in halves then way
Three Pound of ym and putt 3 lb of Sugar and A good
quantety of water in A Pann togeather, and So
boyle ym Skiming ym with A Scummer as occation
Serves, they must boyle till they be well Entered
in Sugar, and you may know yt by the Altering
of the Collour into A kind of yallow; and when
they are So, Sett them by to Coole, then lay ym over
A [Seastron?] to drane, yn Pack ym up in A Tin Pann
And Sett ye Sirrup over with the Addition of A little
more Sugar if they want Siyrup; if they want syrrup?
and boyle it till it begin to draw; then Putt it uppon
them hott, and Putt A Paper uppon yem, and Sett ym in
: the Stow, a moderate fire being kept to ym, and
lett them Stand 2 Dayes or According as they take
Sugar, and if they be not well Entered you boyle
the Sugar againe and Putt it uppon ym Hott and
So Sett them in ye Stove As formerly So dust ym and
lay them uppon Plates

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