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To Dry Cherries
Take 2 lb of sugar and sett on ye fire and boyle it
hardly [cott?] high, then Putt in 6 lb of chirries Stoned
and boyle them A pritty while untill they be well
Entered in the Sugar, then Putt ym in An Earthen
Pann and lett ym Stand A day, then Sett on 2 lb
of Sugar, and putt in the Chirries the former Syrup
being taken Away from them; the Sugar must be
boiled untill it be [Cott?] high before the Chirries
be putt in; and they must have but just A Simper
in the Sugar Pan, Sett ym in the Sunn A day, and
then putt ym in the Stow A moderate heat being
kept to them then lay ym on A Sive that the Sirrup
may run from them then lay ym out neatly uppon
board's, but before they be layd out you may boyl
the sirrup with A little more Sugar until it will
draw A little Stiff and yn putt it uppon them hott
and Sett ym into ye Stow for A Houre then lay
them out and dust them well

To Dry A Yellow Amber or Any Soft Plum
Sett over Some Sugar and boyle it [Cott?] high yn Putt
in your Plums and Scauld them in your Sugar and
when they are Soft Sett ym by and doe with them
as you do with green Plums viz heat ym and ye Rest

To Dry Quinshes
Scauld Some of ye Largest quinches and Then cutt
them in 4 quarters and be sure to take out the
core or Else they will Shrink So pare them well
then putt 6 lb of Quinces to 5 lb of Sugar and 3 lb
of water in A Pann; Sett it uppon the fire and
doe with them just as you do with Dryed
Pippins or Pares

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