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To Dry Apricock's An other way
Goett Some clear [cundett?] water on ye Fire and lett it
be indifferant hott then take 5 lb of Apricocks well
pared and putt ym in ye water and Scald yn untill
they be indifferant Soft butt be sure your water doe
not boyle all ye Time and have Some could water
to putt ym in one by one as they Scald, then Sett over
4 lb of Sugar and boyle it till it will Allmost
Roule, then take it of ye Fire and putt ye Apricocks
into it one by one for fear of Breaking them boyle
them till they are well Enterd in Sugar wch may be
knowne by chaingeing the couler and when they are
So Sett them to coule, then lay them over A Sive to
drane, and then Pack ym into A Pann, and boyle
the Sirrup untill it begins to draw and putt it upon
them Red Hott then lay A Paper over them and
Sett ym into A Stow for 2 Dayes or According as
they take Sugar then lay yn out and Dust ym Well

To Presarve and Dry bla Pare Plum's
You must doe with them just as you doe
with Damson's onely you must Sett over the
black Pare plum's and the Sugar togeather
and So Scald the Plums as it were, and
be sure the Sugar doe not boyle

To Presarve Gousberryes
To a Pound of goosberryes [Puld?] take A Pound
of fine Sugar Searsed and 3 quarters of A Pint of
Faire water, make A Sirrup of it yn putt in your Berrys
and boyle ym till they be cleare they must boyl fast
that ye Sirrup may goe over them, and till it will Jelly
first lett ym boyl Saufly untill they be A little hardned
and then fast till they be done So Glass them

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