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To Presarve Citteran
Take them and cutt them in thin quarters and put
in Faire water a day and A night then boyle them
till they be very tender then make A Sirrup for
them and to Every Pound of Citteran A Pound and
A quarter of Sugar and A Pint of water to Every
Pound of Sugar Clarifie the Sirrup well then putt
in your Citteron; you must boyle ym all Severall times
So you may Preserve Orringes but you must water ym
longer and Shift the water 2 or 3 times when you
Putt your Oringes into ye Sirrup you must make A
Hole in ye one End of Every Orange with A Scoup
to Lett the Cirrup into them

To Make Rock De Cittron
Cutt some Orringe Citteron and Leoman thin, and
boyle them in water untill they be Pritty tender yn
drane from the water as dry as you can, then set
on Sugar According to ye weight of that you have
Cutt and boyle it untill it be Allmost cott High
or Candy high; then put in ye three Afforementioned
things and lett ym boyle togeather A good while
And when it is allmost Anough then Putt in Some
blancht Almonds cutt in Peces and Stir and boyl
them togeather, yn Sett it of the coles; and when it is
allmost cold lay it over your Sive yt the Sirrup
may Run from itt; then lay it out upon plates
And Strow little cullered Bisketts upon itt
the Plats must have paper and wafer bread
upon them lett it be sett in the Stove to
dry and when they are dry Guild

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