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To Presarve Rasberries
Take one Pound of Rasberries and Add 1 lb and
of clarified Sugar in A Pann and boyle it till't
will draw Stiff yn take it of ye Fire and putt the
Rasps into your Sugar, then lett the Pann be Sett upon
the fire, and Enter the Rasp's A Little in ye Sugar then
lett ym Stand A Pritty while; So Sett ym on ye Fire Againe
and when they boyle all over putt Some Juce of Rasps
streaned into them and when they boyl Skim them yn
boyle ym untill the Sirrup beings to Jelly and take
them of and Skim ym well.

To Presarve Chirries
Take to 7 lb of chirries 5 lb of sugar boyl the
Sugar till it will draw Stiff yn put your chirries in
and Shake ym Ever and Anon, and when ye Sugar boyls
over yn putt Some Sirrup of Chirries to them, Scum
ym and when they have had ye quantety of 2 or 3 boylings
Putt 10 Spoonfulls of Rasberry Juce into ym, and
Skim them well and boyl them till they come to Jelly wch
you may know by Setting a little of the Sirrup by in A
Spoone yn lett ym Stand to Coole

To Presarve Barberries
Sett on 5 lb of Sugar and boyle it little more yn cott height
then take it off ye Fire and Putt 2 lb of Stoned Barberries
into it; then Sett it upon ye Fire till ye Barberries be
discullered continnually Shakeing ym till ye Sugar have
covered ye Barberries Shake ye Skim into ye middle
and take it off with A Peece of Paper, yn putt ym into
A Stone Pan and lett ym Stand A Day So putt ym into
your glasses leaveing A little Sirrup to cover ym att the

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