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To Presarve Green Plum's
When you have Scalded ym, Putt ym into could water
for A Day, then Add to ym ye Same quantety of Thin
clarified Sugar till the next day att night yn take yt
Sugar from them, and boyle it A little and when it is
could putt it to ym againe and So doe with ym for 3
Dayes, yn heat ye Plums in ye Sirrup morning and night
for 3 Dayes until ye Sourness be quite gone out of Them
then Pack ye Plums in Potts and boyle ye Sirrup untill
it will draw and Putt it hott upon Them

To Presarve Damson's
Sett over 6 lb of Sugar boyle it little more then cott
high then putt in 6 lb of Damsons Prickt, and desolve
ym with A Soft fire as may be and be sure they doe not
boyle and when they begin to desolve then turne ye other
Side douneward with A Little Spoune and when they
have taken Sugar Enough yn Sett ym by for 2 Dayes yn
take out ye Damsons and lay ym over A Sive to drane
then Pack ym into gally Pott's, yn boyle ye Sirrup untill
it thicken, then take off ye Sirrup and Putt it to ye
Damsons onely Sett by Some of the Sirrup to coule
And when it is could cover ye Damsons with itt

To Presarue Quinces White
Core Scald and Pare your quinces then putt ym to
Some Sugar and water uppon ye Fire and boyl them till
they be tender but nott A quarter So long as you do
your Red quinces then pack ym into A pan and boyl ye
Sugar and putt ym in A Stow till they be Entered
then putt them into Gally Potts and boyle the
Sirrup as you doe for other Quinces
wch are Presarved

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