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To Presarve Red Quinces
Take A coreing Iron and core your Quinces yn
Scauld them and pare ym, yn pack ym into your Pann
And putt as much Sugar as they may lay in and yn putt
in A Pritty quantety of Water and Sett all upon ye
fire and lett them boyl with A quick Fire for A
Pritty while till they be tender then lett ym boyle
very Easoly upon A Small fire for 2 Houres togeather
till they grow Redd and be well Enterd yn Pack ym upon
Sives putt your finger into the holes of ye Quinces yt
Syrop may run out of them, yn Pack ym with the
holes upward in ye gally Pott then Strane ye Syrrup and
boyle it till it will Jelly yn put it upon ym Hott
keeping as much as will cover ym A couling
You must take 3 quarter's of A Pound of Sugar to A
Pound of Quinces and Wey your Quinces before you
Scald or do Anything with them

To Presarve Quinces An Other Way
Parboil ye largest yallow Quinces you can gett core
and pare ym yn take downe weight of Sugar to ye weight
of your Quinces; take to every Pound of Sugar one Gell
of water and make it into A Cirrup and when it boyls
Skim itt clear, when the Cirrup is allmost could putt
in ye Quinces, and So lett ym boyle Easoly close covered
often turning ym till they be ye better halfe Enough
And of A Pritty good culler; then take ym up and give
ye Sirrup one boyle or tow and putt ym into Stone Bason
and the Sirrup to them and lett ym Stand untill they
be both could untill ye next day then give ym one boyl
or tow more till they be Enough and Tender; ym take
ym out and when they are Almost could Pott ym for
your use Powring ye Sirrup upon ym

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A coring iron is a tool for removing the cores of fruits and vegetables. Interestingly, it doesn't appear in the OED (yet).