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On the Other Side
And So lett them Stand and lett ye Sirrup boyl as fast as
you can when it is allmost could pour it on your
quinches and for Marmolate break ym when they are Red
and boyle them quick you must have A care it Burne
not to your pan bottom after you have broke your
quinches be continually Stiring itt you may know
when it is Enough it will Roule of your Spoone in
clods and come clear from ye Bottom of your Pann
As you Stir itt

To Make Conserve of Currons Barberrys or Rasberries
Take A Pritty quantety of currons and bruise them
well in A Pan then press the Juce and the body of the
Corrans through A Haire Sive then Sett it upon ye
Fire and lett it thicken A little then put it into A
Tray and weigh itt yn lett it boyl continually Stirring
it till About A 1/4 of A Pound be boyled away then to
Fowr Pound of Pulp putt 4 lb of good Powdered Sugar
and incorperate ym well togeather and lett it be on
the Fire untill it begin to bubble yn Putt it into
your glasses whilst it is hott and So for Barberryes

To Make White Marmolett

Beat Some Quinces in A Morter when they are
Scalded and Pared then weigh the pulp So to
Every Pound of Pulp add A Pound of Sugar and
mingle it well and Sett it on ye Fire continnually
Stiring it with A Splatter till it comes to A
culler and when it is Stiff take it of and
box itt as you like

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splatter is an obsolete term for spatula