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To Make Losinges of Any Spiretts as
Mint Wormwood or Margerum without
Take 6 whits of Eggs and beat ym untill they froth
with A Whiske take 1 lb of ye Best Loaf Sugar and
Breake it in Peeces and dry it by ye Fire yn beat and
Sears it through A Tiffeny, yn take ye froth and mix
it with ye Sugar till it be as thick as Puding Blatter
yn drop in as much Spirett as will make it Strong
Enough, yn Drop it on white Paper, and Dry ym in An
Oven After Pyes are drawn. if you would have ym
Red putt Some Scachaneal in A Cloth and Strean
it into ye Egg whits with A Peece of Allum and beat
ym well yn take ye Froth as before, and mix with
Sugar Sleet your Paper with A Sleet Stone before
you drop them

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