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To Make Pistachos Past
Take 2 lb of Blancht Almonds and doe not put
them into water but beat ym very fine and Oyly and
when they be fine Enough yn putt Some cullor of Spinnag
to them and mingle ye Allmonds and it with A Splatter
and beat tm togeather yn take as much Sugar as you
do for te Pinable Paist and boyl it till it will
Allmost roule yn take it of And grind it with A
Pestell till it grous white, yn putt in ye Almond's
and A little musk and Rose water So mingle them
well togeather till they be well incorperated; yn to
your Paist as you did your pynable Past onely instead
of 3 Savory Fennell comfetts three halfes of
Pistacoss Kernells

To Make A Clear Past of Rasps Or Currans
Putt them in A Pott with A cover if you will hav ym Red
if white uncovered and Sett ym in A Pann of Boyling
water, and Ever as you finde the Juce comes pouer
it into A Pott or glass and when you have got as
much as will come; putt ye Rasps or currans into
A Thin Streaner, and take yt Juce wch comes without
Pressing tn take to A Pint of Juce A Pound and A
quarter of Sugar; Just wett your Sugar with as much
water as will wett it, and Sett it to boyl untill it
comes to Sugar againe, yn putt your Juce to it, lett
it Stand and Scald till the Sugar be desolved quite and
lett it boyl three or Fowr good boyls as Saufly as
you can and So done putt it into Marmolett Glasses
and when they are cold Sett ym into ye Stow rest ym
from ye sids of your glasses with a knife before you see they sugar att
ye top they will the better tourn out when ye Are Sugard att ye top
turn ym and Sett ym upon peeces of glass (you may gett it att ye glasers)
putt ym into your stow and dry both sids

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