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A Frigesy of Eggs and Hearbs
Take Parsoly Time and Margerum a hand full, but
most Parsoly chop ym Small putt to ym 6 Eggs A Little
grated bread beat ym all well togeather putt A Little
melted Butter amongs it and Season it with Salt Sugar
mace and Cloues So fry it as you do A Tansey

A Frygasie of Chickings
Quarter your Chickings frie them with Butter Scald
A little time Parsley Winter Savery beat ye yolk's of
4 Eggs and varjas togeather, put in your Hearbs
After they are chopt with Some Nutmegg, and Salt
when your chickings are fryed Put your Sause into ye
Pann and So Serve it up

Sause For Any Frygacie
Take ye yolks of 6 Eggs beat ym very well yn mix to
ym About 3 or 4 spoonfulls of white wine vinnegar, or
vargas and add An Anchovie or 2 Putt all into A Fry-
ing Pan and Shake itt About till the rawness be
out and when it groues thick Putt in A Peese of
Batter Stir it continnually till it be thick then,
have Ready A little White wine vinnegar wherein
some slised onyon hath been steeped season it
with that to your taist it is good with Eather flesh or

To Make Russ to Fry or Stew
Take Cheese crud 4 yalk's of Eggs 1 nutmegg
A little Rose water A Handfull of Fine
Floure and worke it well togeather with
A Little salt then Make it into
Fower and Fry them

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Varjas I think is verjuice/verjus