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To Make Jam of Cheires
Take your Cheres When They are Fully Ripe
and of a fresh Colour Weaigh Them and
To Every 3 of Cherres tak one Pound of
Suger: Throw Some of Your Suger in ye
Bottom of your Pann and Strew them
over it yt ye Juce May Runn Through
the [Ron?] of your Suger then sett them
over ye fire and Lett them Boyle Very
fast till they Come Clear from ye
Bottom of your Pann Stiring them some
times Butt not to Break Them

To make Marrow Pudding
Take 2 quarts of new milke & some Creame &
Then take 12 eggs: & Beatt them very
well & mix them with your Milke & take
3 french Rolls slies them thin so spread
your dish wth Butter soe Lye a Layre of Bread
and strew a few Currans & Sugar & Marrow or
Nutmegg & Cinamon till all Bread be done
Soe Pour your Milk upon itt

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This is written in a very different style