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To Make A Cake
Take 3 pound of flower well dryed A pint of
Creame A pint of yest A pound and A half of
butter 14 eggs 6 whites slice the butter into the
creame which must be warme enought to melt
it half A pound of powder sugar A quarter of an
of an ounce of cinnaman A quarter of an ounce
of mace and Cloves together mix your flower
and sugar and spices all together then take the
Creame and butter and yestt and A gill of sack
and 2 or 3 spoonfull of rose watter and strane it into
your flower and mixt them alltogether as quick as
may be and lett it lye to rise half an hour then
take 3 pound of Corr: well washed and A pound an
A half of raisons cutt small and what Candyed pill
you please you may bake it in A paper hoop or A
tin whether you please it will take 2 hours backing

To Make Lip Salve
Take half an ounce of Virgins-wax, an
ounce and half of fresh butter, and forty
Raisins split, you must let them all boyle
together, till all the sweetness be out of
the Raisins; then they must be cleared
from ye Raisins very well, then put one
Penny-worth of vermillion, & let ye the
vermilion boyle in. you may either put
it into a little Box or pott or Drop it into
Round Cakes

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