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To Make Pomade Divine
Of Beef Marrow well picked from ye Bone and
fillaments, one pound & a 1/2 pour it into an
earthen Pot, full of spring water, change it
twice a day for ten days. strain it, and let it
lay twenty four hours, in a pint of Rose water
strain through a Clean Cloth again then add
one ounce ounce [sic] of Cyprus sweet scented, one
ounce of Orris of Florence, half an ounce &
two drams of cinnamon, two drams of cloves
two drams of Nutmegs, these must all be finely
powdered & well mix'd with the marrow, then
put it into a Tin shut as close as possible
cover it with a cloth and make a paste with
flour & white of Eggs and put round it, and
another cloth over that, that nothing may
evaporate, put it then into a pot of boiling
water which must never cease boiling
one minute for three hours, have boiling water
ready to keep the water in the pot the same
height, then pour the contents of ye Tin
into a Muslin, and let it pour into the Pots in
which you desire to keep it, but do not cover them till they are Cold

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This recipe is a good example of how the book has been reused, probably by multiple owners, over time. Similar recipes for pomade divine appear in published cookbooks at the beginning of the 19th century including The Ladies Receipt Book (1810), The Family Cookery Book (1812) and Five Thousand Recipes in All the Useful and Domestic Arts (1825).