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potatoes, mix them well together
Melt the Butter with a little
cream when cold put it in
pans, Eggs & Currants if you
wish to have them rich but
they are good without.

To Make Orange Jelly
Boil 2 oz of Isinglass a pint
of water, till it is reduced
to half the quantity, Boil 1/2
a pd of fine sugar in 3 pints
of water till that is reduced
to 1/2 the quantity then put
the juice of 2 seville Oranges
and one China and 2 lemons
into the liquor, strain it
thro' a lawn seive add some
lemon and orange peel shred
very fine put it in some
thing to cool the size of the
salver is to be turned upon
when quite cold, then
strew it with peels or any
thing you like better.

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