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water & the same of each
then clean and wash 6 ozs
of currants & Put them into
the curd. Mix all well together
fill your patty pans & send
then to a moderate oven

Volly Vons
Puff paste cut to the ye shape
of yr dish Apples boiled as
for apple sauce sweeten to
yr taste grate a little nut-
meg spread your apples when
cold upon the paste, upon
the Apples spread some
Rasberry jam, whip up
some cream with a little
Lemon juice & Peel chopp'd
fine lay it on with a
spoon sweeten yr cream

Lemon Puffs
Take a pd of double refined
sugar bruise it & sift it
thro' a fine sieve. Put it into

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Is this a recipe for apple vol-au-vents? The earliest reference to vol-au-vents comes from the 1820s, but they are normally savoury and filled with meat.