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===The Following cured a person of a confrm'd
Cancer in the Mouth and Throat===
Take two good hand fulls of the inner rind of
Alder, steep it in a quart of ale for 12 hours
putting it in the evening proceeding ye day you
intend to use it, Drink half a pint in the
morning, soon after you rise, let the rind
continue steeping, till the quart of ale is
drank, then prepare another quart as before
continue drinking it for nine days half a
pint ev'ry morning, then leave it off for
nine mornings, after which begin again
for nine mornings more & so or till it has
been drank Twenty seven times Boil some
unwash'd Butter in Beer or Ale, when cold
Skim it off, & with the scum anoint the
wound twice every day

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