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For Convultion Fitts
Take maile Pyanna Roots and misle toe of
each one quarter of an ounce the seed of Pyanna
and St John's Wort anna Seeds and Fennel
Seeds of each a quarter and a halfe of an ounce
Powder of Peacock's dung ye weight of 2 s made to
fine powder; yn Sears and weigh ym severall and
mix and Boyle ym all togeather in a jill of English
Honey to an Electuary and take thereof So much
as a nutmegg morneing fasting and last att night

An Aproved Sear Cloth
Take a pint of Sallett Oyle and halfe a Pound
of Red Lead put ym into a Skellett Stir ym
with a smooth Stick then sett it on a Quick
fire make it Boyle a Pace till it will leave a spoon
then being sett a Cooling put into it a ounce of
Rosin beaten and an ounce of Bee Wax then Sett
it on the fire againe till it leave ye spoon yn
take old Linen cloths cut ym into Handsome
Peices withour Hem or Ragg hold Each Peicies
by one corner and Dip it into your salve till it be
all wett then hold it Soe till it coole yt you may
stretch it out, yn dip ye End Undiped

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