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For The Scurvie
Take Scurvy grass and wormwood of each two
handfull's one handfull of Fumetory cutt ym very small
Juniper Berrys Brused 2 ounces; Licquoras Scraped
2 ounces Anoseed's bruised 2 ounces, putt ym all into
A Linen Bagg; And A Stone in the bagg; it being
putt into A 3 Gallon vessell of Ale At the Bung
hole; And So hang by a String, yt it may swim
towards ye Top Hole, So lett it Stand Five Days
and lett ye Party Drink thereof 3 times A day
It's very convenient for ye Party first to take A
Purge With one Drackm of Extractum Rudg
mixt with 10 graines of Rozen of Jallop and make
it up into 8 Pills take one over night and 2 in ye
morning So rest one day or 2 and yn take ye Like
quantity Againe until they be all done in wch time
the drink will be Ready

To Make Lukatellos Balsome
Take of Venous turpentine one pound oyle of Sweet
Olife three Pints of Sack Six spoonfuls yallo wax
halfe A Pound of naturall Balsome halfe An ounce
of Oyle of Sen Johns Wort one ounce ; Rid Sanders
one ounce cut ye wax in thin slices Sett it over
ye fire in A big Skellett; when it is thoroughly melted
putt in ye venous Turpentine having first washed it
3 times in Rose water, Stir this well together till
they boyle A little; yn take it of ye Fire and lett it coul
untill ye next day; yn take it out of ye skelit againe
putt it in thin Slices yt you may get all ye water out of it
and when ye water is out putt it over ye fire; and when it is
melted Stir it well together and putt in ye Said Sallett
Oyle and Sack ye olye of Sen John's Wort ye naturall Balsom
and Sander's Stiring all well togeather yt they may incorporate
lett it boyle Againe A short Space Stake it of And keep Stiring
it for fower houres yt it may be thick when cold put it up into
Potts and Cover it close; you may keep it for use 20 yeares

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Lucatelli's Balsam is found in nearly all recipe books of this period