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Sebestens are the plum-like fruit of a tree of the Cordia genus according to the OED


This recipe 'for an extraordinary cough' seems to be a variation of the recipe 'a pectoral decoction' found in Culpeper's A Physicall Directory:
"A Pectoral Decoction.
Take of Raisons of the Sun stoned, an ounce, Sebesten Jujubes, of each 15. Dates 6. Figs 4. French-Barly an ounce, Liquoris half an ounce, Maiden hair, Hysop, Scabious, Colts∣foot, of each half a handful, cut them, and boyl them in three pints of spring water, till one pint be consumed.

A. The Medicine is chiefly apropriated to the lungues, and therefore causeth a cleer voyce, a long wind, resisteth Coughs hoarsness, Asthmaes &c."