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To Take of A Pearle on ye Eye
Take A Little quantety of Red Sage and marigold
Leaves and Isop Leaves, Germander leaves and of
marcury leaves hemlock tops; the like quantety of
Each as of Sage Stamp ym all togeather yn take A
spoonful of Honey and as much salt and beat ym
all togeather and lay ym upon A Linen cloth, and so
Apply ym to ye wrests of ye Armes

An Excellent Plaister for ye Stommach
Take Mastick Plaister one ounce Gumm of
Tackamahacka halfe an ounce Chimicall oyle
of Juniper one Drachm oyle of Wormwood the like
quantety, of yallow wax as much as will Suffise
to make a Plaister, viz. Putt ye mastick Plaister and
Tackamahacca with ye yallow wax into A Stone Pott
or Poringer So Lett ym over ye fire and keep Stiring
with A little Stick untill it boyl and they are
well incorporated; yn take it of and Putt in your
oyles so be Sure you keep Stiring untill it be allmost
cold, yn Power in forth of ye Poringer into water and
make it up into Roules for your use, it must be Spread
thick upon A Peece of Leather And So Applyed to
ye Stummach

To Make Milk Water
Take cardus Wormwood Bolme and Spearmint
of Each 1 Handfull 3 quart's of New Milk Shred
your hearbs and lett ym Steep in ye milk all night
So Still ym in A could Still and Lett ye Party drink
of it as of as they Please being Sweetened as
they Like

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