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To Make An Excellent Salve for A
Green wound or Paine
Take halfe A Pint of oyle of ollives; and Putt it
in A Stone Pott So lett it Stand on ye Fire untill
you can perceave it to Simper; yn Putt in an ounce
of Bee wax finely Shaven; A quarter of A Pound of
Red Lead Halfe A Pennyworth of White 3 [?]
[Rofill or Rosill?] finely beaten; So keep it boyling Saufly Stiring
it all ye Time you may know when it is Enough by
droping A Pees from your Stick wch will be very hard
when could and of A very Sad Broun culler first Putt in
the red lead and boyle yn well
then ye wax an Rofill and boyl
ym high

A Could Pultliss
Take A quart of cream ye whits of Three or 4 Eggs
and mix therewith A good handfull of Sage Small
Shred and as musch Linseed finely beaten and So
thicken it to A Pultis with wheat Flowre
It is good for Fretting Sores Ring Wormes and
wild Fire or Hott Rumes

To Make Green Oyntment
Take a Pound of Bay leaves 1 pound of Red Sage
A Pound of Rew halfe A Pound of Wormwood one Pound
of Deares Suett Three Pints of Sallett Oyle Three
Pennyworth of Spike Oyle, beat all these well togeth-
er and Sett ym in a Horse midin 3 weekes to Infuse
be sure ye Pott be made Secure att ye Top; yn when ye
time is Expired take it out and Simber it over
A gentle fire in ye Same Earthen Pott; yn Strane
it through A cloth and putt it into Pott's for use

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