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To Still Pippin Water
Take Pipings att midsummer and Pare them
Slice them into your Still and fill it as full
as it will Hold Strow in Pound of Sugar and
Still it with A Temporate fire Sweeten it
with Sugar candy it is very Excellent for could's
for children or when they are distempered

For A Hectick Feaver
Take A Gallon of new milk and Putt to it A good
Handfull of All cordeall floures halfe A Pound of
Ivory A Cock Chicking puld Hott and Embowelled
break it to pieces and Putt it to ye milk with A
Sprig of Mace 10 Cloves A quarter of A Pound of
Dates halfe A Pound of Pruin's with halfe A 100
of garden Snales purged, putt ym into A common
Still and Still ym this is very good for A hectick
Take of this water sweetened with Sirrup of
violett's or Gilleflowers, A quarter of A Pint
Every morning and afternoone att 4 of the
Clock the like quantety neather Eating nor drinking
for A good while After itt

To Make Neesing Powder
Take Storax White Hellebore Jemeka
Pepper and Nuttmegg of Each A
Like quantety Beat them altogether
very Finely and Sears them
Ita Fiat

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