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The Caustick Powder
Take A ounce of yallow Arsnick and halfe an
Ounce of Bole Armenack mix ym well together
and make them into fine Powder

The Glistering Caustick Powder
Take an ounce of yallow Arsnick, of Red Precipitate
and Bole Armenack of each halfe an Ounce

The Tarter Water
Take An ounce of white Sublimate halfe an
Ounce of Red Precipitate beat these together very
Small and Putt it into 3 pints of wtt Wine Vinegar
And boyle it in A Posnett near to A quart and
when it is cold Keep it in A Glass

The Red Tarter Water
Take a Lyme Stone or Two About 2 Pound boyle
Two gallons 1/2 of Spring water Riseing out of A Rock against
The Sunne, Putt the Lyme Stone's into a Pott of Earth and yn
Power ye Boyling water uppon ym: cover all close and
So lett it Stand a day and A night yn Power of ye
Clearest and throw ye Bottome Away, yn take of Bolus
verus of Roach Allam white Coppris Aloes
and Camphire of each of these Two Ounces, beat +
searse ym fine mix ym well together with ye Affore Said
clear Water and lett ym all Boyle together for
An Houre yn putt itt into A Pott close stopt
till it be could and yn Putt it into A Glass
Bottle close Stopt up and use ye Clearest
As your Occation Offer's

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