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A Receipt for to Cure A Consumtion
Take a quarter of A pint of juice of Rosemary Flowers
of ye quick of Harts Ease Jerusalem Sage Scabyus
[Clole's?] foot : and Hysope of Each a Quarter of A Pint
Att ye Second Beating of ye Hearb's Putt in A quarter of A Pt
of Hysope water to Each A little, of Jubicies and
Sabastian's of Each halfe an Ounce Slice ym from ye
Stones and sett all these on ye Fire with A quarter of
A Pint of Hysope water lett ym simber softly over ye fire
yn take it off and Strane it so Putt in halfe A Pound of
White Sugar candy and boyle it to A Syrrup yn take
it of Againe and lett it Stand untill it be could yn put
Halfe A Pound of ye Pouder of Licquoras finely
scearsed and make it up itno pills so take ym when you
Please Et Fiat

To Stay Bleeding
Take Prepared correll and Pearle as much as will
lye on A Shilling take 1 Spoonfull of Syr. of Cloves
Jelly Flower's 1 Spoonfull of Syrrup of Parslin 3 Spoonfull
of Plantin Water mix ye Sirrup and water together
take Halfe ye Powder att A time in halfe ye sirrup
take it Twise as long as you are Ill

A Nother
Take 2 quarts of ye Best Red Wine 2 oz of Cinamond
bruised, Oke budd's and Hassell Nutts, 2 handfulls
of Knot grass, one Handfull of White comfrey, Two
handfulls of Plantine Leaves Putt all these
together and steep ym in your Wine All Night
and So distill them with a Soft Fire; give of
this Water 5 or 6 Spoonfulls att A Time or as
much as you See cause for, it will Stay any Flux
of Blood what So Ever

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