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To Make unguentum Inernatum
Uiry good for old on new Sores and All
Manner: of Sores Approved and Experimented
Take may Butter or Bores Grease Two Pound of
Bettony Halfe a Pound, Agremony Halfe A Pound
Rozen A Pound venus Turpintine one Penny Worth
Honey one Penny worth and lett ye Hearb's ye chopt
Small and lett ym infuse in ye Said Grease or Butter 9 or
10 Dayes yn, Sett it over A Soft fire and melt it and
Strane it through A Pees of Canvis and Sett it over
the fire Againe and Putt in your Wax and Rosin and
when it is melted take itt of and Putt in your Honey
and Turpentine and Stir it continually till it be
could and then it is made, The more Bettony you
Putt in ye Better it will be
The Lady Hackett

The Black Salve for Any Cutt
Take 3 Pints of Sallett Oyle A Quart of White Wine
Halfe a Pound of Red Lead boyle all those
together halfe an Houre then Putt in halfe A
Pound of Venus Turpentine half A Pound of
Frankincense one Pound of Stone Pitch halfe A
Pound of yallow Wax A Quarter of A Pound of
Dear Suett A quarter of A Pound of Rozin beat
all these in A Morter and Putt ym Amongst ye fore
mentioned Jndreadients, they must Boyle for 4 or 5
houres yn take itt of ye Fire and Hould yee Pipkin
in could water till it is thick as you can but
get it out yn Oyle ye Board and Power it out
and Roule it into Roules for your use this is
good for Any Green or Old Wound or finger
or Cutt:

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