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A Balsome to Cure A Green Wound
Take Sallett Oyle venus Turpentine of Each one
Pint Putt ye Same into A Glass with A narro Mouth
yn Putt thereto of these Flowers following in
their Season ye Flower's of cammomile Red Roase
Budd's and bugel's flowers of Each one Handfull of ye
St. Jones Wort 3 Handfulls ye Flowers of Centwary
and Calladyne of Each Halfe A Handfull mix ym
Amongst ye Rest and Stop ye glass close and Sett ym
in ye Sunn Two Moneth's and use ye leaves and Allas
it is in ye Glass this balsome will heal any green
Wound Approve'd

To Wash ye Wound
Take A Pint of white Wine one ounce of mastick
Seeth ym together a good While yn wash ye
Sore or wound with it; wch is very good

For A Burne
Take a good Handfull of marregould Leaves A handfull
of Sheeps Dung A good quantety of Alehoofe A handfull
of Houselike Stamp ym Small and boyle these together
in A quart of Thick creame or if you will Keep it long
Boyle it in Boares grease and may Butter ye Quantety
of A Pint of Each and boyle it to A thick oyntment
So Straine it out and Anoint with A Feather as oft you

To make Issue Plaister
Take Bees Wax 6 ʒ Turpentine 3 ounces Cinaber halfe
An ounce Red Lead 3 ʒ and A halfe; Oriss Roote [fy?]
Poudered 1 ʒ musk 2 graines
First melt ye Wax and Turpentine yn mix ye Powder in
A little Sweet Sallett Oyle and desolve ye musk in Rose
Water and mix ym all together over A Gentle fire without
boyling ym yn dip A fine lin cloth in itt and Smooth
it with A Knife

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