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===A Very Good Receipt to Make Oyle of
Take A Pound of Cowslip flower's they must be
gathered in May Putt them in to A great Stone Pott that will
hold A Gallon. Add to them as much oyle of olives as will
cover the cowslyp's the bredth of A Finger A bove the Flower's
lett them ly therein untill the midst of June then Gather of
St. Jones Woort Callamint Sage Feather fue Camomile
Ambrose that is wild Sage Sothern wood Lavander
Pelletory of the Wall Agremony. Penneryall Rosemary
Lorell leaves, Lavander cotten. Lylly Flowers Pelletory
of Spane of Each of those one Handfull viz one
Handfull a peese; then Stamp them all together as Small
as may be, and take out the cowslyps out of the oyle and wring
out the oyle and Flowers as Small as may be then Putt to them
As much with Wine as will cover them and lett them Ly therein
the cowslyps have been Steepe'd and seeth them with A Small
Fire untill the Wine be boyled away from the Oyle
wich you Shall know by takeing A Soon full up and lett
it coule and Louke if you can See any Wine under
the Oyle wich will louke Like water then lett it Seeth
untill you See none Strane it through A Peess of
new Canvis and keep it in Glasses or Stone Potts or Tire
for it will Run out of Any other vessell This oyle
is very good for Any Ach Anywhere comeing of A could
cause for it will goe through the bone and is very
A Very Good Medisine for A Bruise anywhere
Take 3 Spounfulls of oyle of Olives that is Salett Oyle
and 2 Spoonfulls of Aquavite and beat them Straine
together and Anoint the Bruise therewith and lay
Hott cloths there on and ase it constantly and it
will help you Approved

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